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Minutes of Riverside Meeting

Thursday 10th May 2011

Present: Ian Burton-Palmer, Lewis Bage, Ted Coney, Margaret Haw (Minutes), Liz Wainwright, Acting Chair, Angela Moody, Pam Bullivant, Pat Hillman, Andy (The Maltings), Helen Moore.

1. Apologies

John Yates, Caroline Cawley, Philip Eden, Mark Mehaffey, Alice Sibley (Maltings), Jonathon Wainwright, Peter Webb, Alan Mittins and Mike Rouse.

2. Minutes

Minutes of the meeting on 12 April were approved and signed by the Chair.

3. Matters Arising

Ian Burton-Palmer will progress the replacement of the electric box in Jubilee Gardens.

4. Future organisation of Riverside

Under the Delegates Services Protocol, 'The Riverside Project' is out for consultation with a deadline of 4 August 2011, and with the full support of The City Council. Thereafter, the City Council will confirm an expression of interest to ECDC. ECDC will then provide an asset list and the City Council will put together a 'Trust' document.

5. Ely Master Plan and Country Park

Pam Bullivant had submitted queries regarding the steps leading from CP to Springhead Lane, signs and barriers to deter cyclists using the footpath and the uncomfortable surface of the footpath. Lewis offered to take these issues back to the relevant department and suggested that we invite Spencer or one of his team to attend the next meeting to brief the group generally about maintenance schedules, etc for the Country Park.

6. Jubilee Gardens (LW)

The Friends would put £2,000 towards replacement planting, including the large tubs at the Broad Street end and the tubs on the railings near the river. In effect this will release council funds for hardware.

The playground will have two finger-boards to trace the way around suitable for able and less able children, once the fencing has been completed.

Two Volunteer Working Parties have been arranged recently to tidy up the gardens and there will be six throughout the year.

The water feature is back in working order.

On Sunday 5 June JG will be joining in 'The Big Lunch' with an 'Afternoon Tea Picnic', when the Waterbeach Brass Band will be playing. Andy offered to provide some 'free' refreshments. See website/blog for further information or e-mail Liz Wainwright.

7. The Maltings

More tables and chairs are being provided allowing seating outside for an extra 60 people. Weddings are proving very popular, couples coming from as far as London. The restaurant has new menus which are family-orientated with good quality home-made food and a special children's menu. Opening times are 10.30 to 5.30 every day. Evening entertainment bookings are going well, with a special deal on a 'Queen' tribute act coming up. A request was made for a return of one-off ‘food with a film’ evenings. Ted agreed to liaise with Caroline and Andy to match certain movies with particular food.

8. The Cottage (LW/TC)

Planning permission was approved for holiday lets. Liz spoke at the meeting but her points were not covered. Ted's three options were sent from the Design and Marketing Group and e-mailed to all Councillors but seem to have made no impact. Liz has written regarding the appeal process and is waiting for a reply.

9. ADEC (LW)

The Gallery has a Crafts and Design exhibition until 6 June. Items are also for sale. The cinema is also doing well. Cambridge Voices will be performing Handel’s Messiah in The Cathedral on August Bank Holiday. Some paintings are also being displayed at The Maltings.

10. Slipway (JY)

Once the new 'trust' is in place it will be possible to apply for funding from the EU. In the meantime ownership has to be legally formalised. This will necessitate gathering evidence about maintenance, duck feeding, mooring, etc since 1994. Two people who may be able to help are Tim Easton, the previous owner of The Gallery and George Peacock, of Peacock Tearooms who has been there for many years.

Liz has written regarding a review of the signage about not feeding ducks on land. Lewis will follow this up with Liz Knox. A notice should also be displayed near the Maltings where duck pellets are sold.

If a fence round the duck area is decided upon, we might be able to put some money towards it. There is a special type of fencing used on the continent, approximately 2 feet high, which might be suitable.

11. Ely in Bloom

No report is available but a leaflet can be obtained from the City Council. Ian mentioned he will be planting up some matching boxes on the railings in the flame colour scheme.

12. Reports

No report available

Natural Environment (HM)
In a team event, 79 species of wildlife were identified between 6 and 11am around the river /Roswell Pits/Common area. Bitterns and cuckoos were also heard. However, no water-voles were seen.

Lewis reported that a new commercial mooring licence had been awarded by ECDC for guided river cruises along the Ouse. Liberty Belle will be used but will be renamed and educational tours will be offered.

ECDC are currently investigating issues regarding cyclists using the riverfront.

During March/April two boats have been issued with letters and one boat received a letter from the legal department for reluctance to move after 48 hours.


4 June 2011 – Etheldreda Fair
5 June 2011 – The Big Afternoon Tea – Jubilee Gardens 2.30 to 4.30
3 July 2011 – Aquafest
September 2011 – St Peter’s Church – Arts & Crafts (date tbc)

More info can be found at: or

13. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 14 June at 7pm at The Maltings

14. Any other business

Liz will ask Mark Mehaffey to investigate broken glass and cigarette ends left outside The Cutter late at night and still not cleared early morning.