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Minutes of Design & Marketing Meeting

Tuesday 21st October 2014

Present: Frank Readhead (chair), Daniel Block, Ted Coney, Kevin Evans, Sheila Friend-Smith, Shirley Overall, Terry Overall, Simon Pittock, Patricia Simmonds, John Simmons.

1. Apologies

Malcolm Green, Helen Moore, Veronica Poultney, Liz Sayers, Ray Tinker.

Daniel Block volunteered to take notes.

2. Minutes of the 16th September meeting

These were agreed.

3. Matters arising

Railway station
No further news yet.

Steeple Row
See agenda item 7.

Meeting start time
In response to KE raising the subject last month, some discussion took place to determine the best start time and duration for our monthly meeting. A vote taken by members present was inconclusive, and so the 6.30 start time remains, although efforts to keep to a two hour duration were encouraged by those present.

Riverside floating dock
SP and FR both reported that efforts to engage Jeremy Tyrell in conversation about this had not been successful.

Fore Hill tree
There has also been no news from Mike Rouse on whether the tree at the foot of Fore Hill is likely to be replaced.

4. ElyAce

DB and SP presented progress on the ElyAce website, particularly with the global calendar which all business/community users will be able to use. There was discussion of details such as categorisation of event types. There was concern from some members around the subject of moderation of user added items and also of data protection. KE was asked to write some questions to ask a solicitor about the subjects discussed. TC offered to ask a local solicitor some questions about this. A list of local features for the tourist side of the site was circulated for input from group members.
Action: TC, KE

5. City Centre Forum

SP and DB presented the new Christmas shopping special offers leaflet design, which was well received by members. There was discussion of the plans to distribute this within Ely-i magazine in November, as well as at the November Cathedral Christmas Fair with the remaining canvas shopping bags. SP and DB also informed the group of details of the City Centre Forum seminar to be held the next day. DB mentioned that he had been asked to briefly present to the seminar details of how Ely Perspective had worked with CCF over the last 6-12 months on projects such as the special offer leaflets, linking events to the city centre and looking to update the station leaflet stand. The proposed replacement model of leaflet stand was presented to the group by SP and FR, and there was some discussion of its suitability, flexibility (in terms of capacity), how the leaflets should be 'curated' in the future, and where it might fit in the station ticket office. FR and SP will follow up on this.
Action: SP, FR

6. Finances

JS reported that the new insurance policy has been paid, as well as the current balance in the bank account. A few upcoming expenditure items were noted, including further commemorative plaques. Accounts are due to be submitted soon, followed soon after by an AGM. JS commented that we must be wary of the fact that no money is currently coming in. The Executive will set up an expenditure plan for imminent costs. DB commented that he has information to read through regarding possible funding sources for current and future projects.
Action: DB

7. Steeple Row - financing and pricing

FR met Jane Kennedy and Stephen Bourne. It was a promising meeting with confirmation that the Cathedral is going ahead with a Heritage Lottery Fund application. They are keen to meet with Helen Bright, and will be looking at the issue of potential tree impact on new paving. JS said the project had been discussed at a recent Cathedral conservation meeting where Jane Kennedy had commented on the good work done by Ely Perspective. TC asked about progress on encouraging shops to use the bin store. John Yates had previously spoken to the shopkeepers but sadly it has had no effect. The responsibility of maintaining the paved walkway behind the shops is yet to be determined.

8. Commemorative Plaques

SO said she now had some information on Jack Cardiff. The council have agreed to pay for a plaque on Session House. Tracey Harding doesn't think a plaque for Oliver Cromwell House is necessary as there is already plenty of information there. Ann Jarman of The Old Fire Engine House still needs to respond TC will meet with her to discuss. FR will research notable trees to see whether they will fit into a walk around the city. SF-S mentioned funding from ECDC could perhaps be found for a separate leaflet outlining a 'tree trail'. SO said that information about Ken Wallis is still required, and also that a children's walk with interesting animal themed items can also be created. The group discussed how many of the proposed new plaques are going ahead, and the financial impact of this (allowing for contributions by others for certain plaques). The payment for these is likely to be required in the first quarter of 2015, with the plaques to be ready in the spring. Wording for the plaque for Session House is still to be decided.
Action: FR, TC

9. Christmas Lights Switch On Event

No further update, except SP asked SO and TO if the protective canvas can still be provided for the City Council stall, which was confirmed.

10. Future Projects - revisited

It was noted that of the most popular projects voted for by members, most cannot be tackled as future projects by Ely Perspective. Further commemorative plaques are already being done, shopping vouchers are already being done, and street signage is being handled by ECDC. The 'Clean Sweep City' idea is something the group can work on, with Lis Every also keen to make progress in this area without having to 'name and shame' establishments which have been noted as particular offenders. FR recommended the list be revisited next month for other project ideas.

11. The City Pledge

This was discussed in conjunction with the Clean Sweep City project. The group thought it would be a good idea.

12. City Centre Forum cooperation with Perspective

This item was covered by agenda item 5.

13. Ely-i feature

Another article about Ely Perspective will require a particular angle or update. This sparked discussion about how (and if) the group should ask for financial donations towards future projects. DB will mention at the CCF seminar that Ely Perspective always welcome support and volunteers.
Action: DB

14. Any other business

FR attended an Ely Riverside stakeholder meeting which discussed moorings by-laws. SO mentioned an update from ECDC on lighting which is to be installed along the riverside.

North Ely Country Park
FR has also been invited to view and talk about proposals for North Ely Park. An exhibition of these plans will be in Ely Library on the 6th and 8th November. TO mentioned that High Flyer Farm had been submitted to the exclusion list, and wondered whether the proposed development would have an impact on this.
Action: FR

Christmas 'do'
DB asked for ideas for this year's Perspective get-together. KE suggested it might be good to combine it with Ely Society's meal at The Kings Arms.

Date of the next meeting

6.30pm Tuesday 18th November 2014 at St Peter's House, Broad Street, Ely.