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Minutes of Riverside Meeting

Thursday 12th April 2011

Present: Ted Coney, Margaret Haw (Minutes), Liz Wainwright (Acting Chair), Margaret Bowles, Terry and Shirley Overall, Alan Mittins. Chair welcomed newcomer Malcolm Green

1. Apologies

John Yates, Lewis Bage, Caroline Cawley, Philip Eden, Pat and Peter Hillman, Mark Mehaffey, Angela Moody, Helen Moore, Alice Sibley (Maltings) and Jonathon Wainwright.

2. Minutes

Minutes of the meeting on 8 February were approved and signed by the Chair.

3. Matters Arising

All matters arising were on the agenda.

4. Future organisation of Riverside

The following discussions questioned as to whether Ely Perspective should take the lead if it was proving too difficult or not appropriate to form a trust with other groups. However, in the absence of John Yates it was concluded that more information was required.

5. Ely Master Plan and Country Park

Although the paths are looking good, the surface of Springhead Lane was neither hard nor soft and wheelchair access was doubtful to members present. Perhaps Mike Rouse could investigate the specification.

The river path is accessible. The car park is being well-used. Broken glass is a problem around the benches and dog-bags have been left anywhere, indicating that signage should be improved. In his absence Mark Mehaffey was nominated to investigate.

6. Jubilee Gardens (LW)

•   At a meeting on Thursday it was agreed The Friends would pay for a significant amount of replanting also including £500 given last September.
•   The playground will have an accessible roundabout and two finger-boards to trace the way around.
•   Two Volunteer Working Parties have been arranged recently to tidy up the gardens and there will be six throughout the year.
•   The water feature will be back in working order as soon as possible. Liz will investigate further, with the information given, to exchange the electric box for a more suitable one. It was hoped this could be achieved in partnership with Adec, the City Council and other companies.

7. The Maltings

Members had been invited to the re-opening of the restaurant recently and several of those present had been able to attend. The Restaurant will be open in the day-times when not being used for events such as weddings. A new menu was available. The new Manager (Ian) and the new Events Organiser (Alice) both expressed their wish to be invited to Riverside Group meetings and to be kept informed.

8. The Cottage (LW/TC)

ECDC have put in another Planning Application. Objections need to be in by 19 April. The planning meeting will be on April 27 in the Museum at 2pm. A question arose as to why access is to be on Quayside (where lifebelt is) – what is wrong with the existing entrance? Ted recapped on the group's original objections/ideas and will take the information to the Design and Marketing Group. Hopefully as many people as possible will submit objections. (Information is on the ECDC website).

9. ADEC (LW)

A new Design and Craft Exhibition is to open on Eel Day (30 April) when 30 people will be bringing their work to show and sell. Three eels will be processing to Jubilee Gardens starting at 10.30 from Cross Green. On the day of the royal wedding there will be a screening of The King’s Speech at 8pm in the Cathedral.

The cinema at The Maltings is going very well. We await details of funding in the new financial year but have many very good volunteers. Information is available on website at

10. Slipway (JY)

The original 'Working Group' has never met and, despite quotes for the work having been obtained, funding has not yet been applied for, pending the outcome of the future 'trust' partnership proposals.

It was noted that ducks are still being fed on the slipway since notices are indicating this is the place to feed them. However, they should be fed in the river as land feeding encourages feral geese to congregate which is making the area very muddy and unsightly. Someone suggested concreting the whole area (with holes for drainage) but this was not generally supported. Liz will ask Mark Mehaffey to investigate.

11. Ely in Bloom

Teas will be served in the Cathedral Centre as part of the royal wedding celebrations. The theme this year will be flame colours. Two baskets will be hung at the British Legion Memorial to celebrate the 90th Anniversary. Other baskets and four-tier planters will be in place at the end of May. There will also be competitions, window displays etc. Volunteers are needed to help with the Station garden.

12. Reports

Someone queried why there was no access under the road bridge at the station end. The Queen Adelaide path has been levelled.

Natural Environment
Helen sent an email report: "the easy access trail has been resurfaced and is accessible. Shoveller, lapwing and redshank have been seen on the wash-land and large numbers of reed bunting. Usual water-birds on the pits."

Liz will ask Mark Mehaffey where the three new bins should be located. Liberty Bell – the new trip boat – has begun trading. There has been no change to byelaws re generators. Malcolm will provide details for Liz to submit wording for a piece in GOBA magazine.


Ely Festival Weekend:
•   29 April 2011 – Community Event for Royal Wedding Day. Cathedral open free of charge all day – wedding on screens, cafe open. Screening of King’s Speech in the evening.
•   2pm Palace Green garden fete: band, children's games, includes 'best shop window', Weekly News prizes. Refreshments available from Cathedral Centre (for Ely in Bloom) or bring picnic.
•   30 April 2011 – Ely Eel Day – Jubilee Gardens, etc.
•   2 May 2011 – May Day events in Jubilee Gardens/Park

3 July 2011 – Aquafest

September 2011 – St Peter’s Church – Arts & Crafts (date tbc)

An updated list will be circulated separately soon after this meeting.

13. Date of next meetings

Tuesday 10 May at 7pm – venue to be confirmed
Tuesday 14 June at 7pm – venue to be confirmed

14. Any other business

Shirley had looked at the problem concerning rooks in Annesdale. The path needs cleaning between Station Road and The Cutter.