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Minutes of Riverside Meeting

Thursday 14th June 2011

Present: Ian Burton-Palmer, Ted Coney, Margaret Haw (Minutes), Liz Wainwright, Acting Chair, Angela Moody, Pat and Peter Hillman (LCPRE), Helen Moore, John Yates, Caroline Cawley (Adec), Alice Sibley (Maltings), Mark Mehaffey (ECDC), Malcolm Green, Jeremy Tyrrell and Tim Ford (Ely Marina), Margaret Bowles and Terry Overall.

1. Apologies

Lewis Bage, Philip Eden, Andy (The Maltings), Jonathan Wainwright, Peter Webb, Alan Mittins, Mike Rouse and Shirley Overall.

2. Minutes

Minutes of the meeting on 10 May were approved and signed after the following amendments: Delete last sentence under 9. Adec and change 12. Reports to read 'LCPRE organised a bird race around Ely Wildspace (river /Roswell Pits/Common area). The winning team identified 79 species of bird including bittern and cuckoo between 6 and 11am. A separate search for signs of water voles was unproductive.'

3. Matters Arising

The problem of broken glass outside Cutter late at night has been resolved.

4. Future organisation of Riverside

The City Council has agreed in principle and wishes to move ahead with the 'Trust' which will be further considered by ECDC tomorrow. It is expected that formal negotiations will begin on Thursday regarding management of the 'Maltings' side of the river.

5. Ely Master Plan and Country Park

In his absence, Lewis forwarded a list of responses from Spencer Clark (Senior Open Spaces and Maintenance Officer) to the various issues raised at the May meeting:

(1) The steps have been repaired

(2) The unfinished bridge relates to Prickwillow Road footpath/bridge

(3) The signs to be interpreted and planning permission granted.

(4) The footpath along Springhead Lane is the responsibility of Cambs County Council's Access Team, as is the unlocked gate at Springhead Lane. By these minutes could Lewis chase these up please?

(5) The maintenance plan is work in progress with the Wildlife Trust

(6) The issues regarding the maze will be reviewed at the next meeting as they come under Sainsbury's Community Initiative, for which designs have to be with ECDC by 17 June. However the group request that the maze should be fenced off while it is growing and watered if the dry weather continues.
(LB to ask SC)

New issues brought up at the meeting included:
(7) Fisherman’s Car Park – no barriers into the Country Park, enabling easy access for vehicles, motorbikes, trespassers (URGENT)

(8) Railway bridges have been resurfaced except under the one in CP where potholes are appearing

(9) Dangerous rubbish is appearing in Pocket Park, amongst the nettles and long grass

6. Jubilee Gardens (LW)

4 June 2012 will be a Bank Holiday for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee when there will be beacon lighting and free events, with an evening event in Cherry Hill Park. All to be confirmed. Local Groups will be invited to join the City Council in the planning. Schools' half-term will be moved to this week

The large tubs at the Broad Street end and the tubs on the railings near the river have now been planted up.

The fencing round the playground has now been replaced. The rubber matting has disintegrated after only a few weeks but will be temporarily filled in.

On Sunday 5 June 'The Big Lunch' 'Afternoon Tea Picnic' was very successful thanks to the Waterbeach Brass Band, refreshments courtesy of The Maltings, Adec volunteers, press releases, etc. There was also very good feedback in the local press.

Ian will provide a feasibility report on replacement of the electric box.

See website/blog for further information or e-mail Liz Wainwright.

7. The Maltings (AS)

The Restaurant is doing well. The wedding 'season' is ahead and conferences are coming in. Local companies are coming back and Christmas bookings are promising. There are opportunities for local/community events. It is run as a commercial business by Compass but is now more family orientated.

Regarding the request for film evenings, Arts Picture Houses are looking for new venues to meet 'live' performances on Saturdays and the National Theatre similarly mid-week. However, they are digital, not 35mm, which would require a large initial investment and the contract entails booking all 8 or 9 dates offered. This would not be possible without another venue. Caroline (for Adec) is still in negotiations.

8. The Cottage (LW/TC)

Mike Rouse had sent an email in his absence, indicating that the newly elected Council was looking again at the Maltings Cottage. There is to be a closed meeting on Thursday, to which Riverside Group reps have been invited. Liz and Peter Hillman will attend for the Riverside Group, John will be going as Mayor and Ted will go with Caroline as a Trustee of Adec.

9. ADEC (CC)

There is a new show in the Babylon Gallery and another one next week. On Friday 22 July there will be a barbecue in Jubilee Gardens and an Evaluation evening in Babylon Gallery. There will be an outdoor screening at the Ely Ruby Club on 26 August. Cambridge Voices will be performing Handel's Messiah in The Cathedral on August Bank Holiday. See 'Events' under item 12 (Reports) and

10. Slipway (TO)

Terry suggested the best option this year was to get Spencer to spray it, strim it and just tidy the area until future developments are known. Liz will ask SC.

It was also suggested Riverside give a donation to Ely in Bloom and volunteer to take on the 'dry garden' and other small jobs such as brickwork, etc.

Mark reported that he was controlling the geese-cleaning regime twice a week and the re-location of duck feeding in the water by end of Babylon Gallery. A feed dispenser in this area might help. However there was no money for fencing or new signage. He was requested to get costings as John and Ian could authorise expenditure.

Mark is also liaising with Veolia regarding the 3 new bins which are solely for boaters. They are looking at the byelaws – a process of adopting areas not covered and looking to include generators, barbecues, chairs on pathways.

The existing signage needs to be taken down. There is also a lot of fly-posting. Liz will organise a working party to remove them – 21 June at 6.30 for 1 hr. Mark will organise photos, press release. The Mayor will try to attend.

11. Ely in Bloom

Hanging baskets and tiered planters are complete. Earth sponsored the Strada garden near the Almonry and the two British Legion Memorial hanging baskets. Brands paid for inside the Memorial. Two tubs on the market and butter market have Choral Society colours and the Welcome to Ely signs have been done. The Victorian fountain in Archery Crescent has a double-sided grow-bag.

There is an opportunity to help on the station Working Party (date t.b.c.).

Despite not entering Anglia in Bloom, there will be four competitions. Application forms are available at many locations, including City Council office. Judging will be on 19 July at 4pm in Jubilee Gardens.

12. Reports

Covered elsewhere

Natural Environment
No report

The river is quiet with not many boats and fuel sales are low.

It was felt that the paddle boarders and cycle boats might be a safety issue and questioned whether they are given a safety briefing. It is understood Insurance and Licence is covered by ECDC and they come under the 'Sport Rules of the River'.

Liberty Bell is reported to be mooring under the Gallery and the proprietor is climbing over the fence. Liz was unaware of permission for this from the owner of the building which is leased to Adec and she will investigate.


25 June - Freddie Mercury Tribute, Maltings
3 July - Aquafest
9/10 July - Folk Festival
16 July(tbc) - LCPRE ragwort removal from flood meadow Queen Adelaide
22 July - Barbecue, Jubilee Gardens
- Evaluation Evening, Babylon Gallery
26 Aug - Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides, Ely Rugby Club (outdoor screening)
Sept. St Peter’s Church – Arts & Crafts (date tbc)

More events and information can be found at: or

13. Dates of meetings

Tuesday 12 July at 7pm, The Maltings
Tuesday 13 September at 7pm, The Maltings
N.B. There will not be a meeting in August.

14. Any other business

TC asked why the tree struck by lightening on the duck feeding area could not be replaced by more than one tree.

MM reported that litter needs clearing from the Tesco side of road near Caudle Fen sign. The bridge before Tescos also needs attention to give better access and resolve safety issues.