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Minutes of Design & Marketing Meeting

Tuesday 17th January 2012

Present: Sheila Friend-Smith (chairman), Suzanne Lindsay, Ted Coney, Nigel Clarke, Kevin Evans, Ray Tinker, Shirley Overall, Terry Overall, Frank Readhead, Caroline Cawley, Jeremy Friend- Smith

1. Apologies

Daniel Block, Simon Pittock, Peter Hillman, John Yates, Ian Burton-Palmer, John Baker, Angela Moody, Liz Sayers

2. Minutes of the 15th November 2011 meeting

These were agreed.

3. Matters arising

IBP still to write letter to council in regards to the parking issues. It was suggested that copy to the press be sent also.

Market Square repairs:
No further action by Highways in regard to the poor repairs to the market place in front of Yarn on the Square. It was noted that similar poor repairs have been completed to a damaged bollard outside Tea for Two and the replacement of the letter box in the High Street. The raised tree bed outside Cheffins/Archer & Archer is also in need of repair. KE suggested an Environmental Action Day and it was agreed that he would raise it at the next Neighbourhood panel meeting.

Development of the Ely-App is on hold. Simon and Daniel have had disappointing contact with the Thame project who on realising that Ely would not be undertaking a direct purchase of their scheme have withdrawn contact. S & D will follow up with unofficial visits to Thame. Siobhan Branagh at the voluntary centre is assisting with Awards for All funding applications. Tracy Harding is very positive about the project and has agreed that the tourist office map of Ely may be used for the App. KE reminded the group of the necessary administrative requirements for successful funding applications.

Christmas Market:
It is assumed that plans are on track for the market to be held this year. RT pointed out that markets took place in Bury St Edmunds and Melton Mowbray in 2011 and managed to co-ordinate with steam train visits. This will not be possible this year for Ely and only one steam visit is planned.

Boutique Hotel:
Plans have been agreed in principal, subject to various conditions but there is strong local opposition to the hotel development on many grounds. Environmental noise pollution, access, safety etc.

Still awaiting costs from Simon and Dan. CC suggested that Facebook had superseded websites in some cases. It was agreed to make the matter an agenda item at the next meeting.

4. Steeple Row Update

The tree survey report has now been paid for and is with the planning authority. Following a letter from John Yates there will be further discussion about the bin storage area on the 18th January with Susan Mills and Kirsten Bennet.

The poor state of the road on Palace Green will be included in the Environmental action day request at the Neighbourhood panel.

5. Commemorative Plaques

Nothing further to report until funding is authorised.

6. Maltings Cottage

Nothing further to report. It was agreed to include future use of the Maltings as an agenda item in future.

7. Magistrates Court

No progress. English Heritage are unable to trace the necessary prepared reports.

8. Queens Diamond Jubilee and Olympic Celebrations

Plans are well advanced for celebrations for celebrations in Jubilee Park on the 4th June.

Small grants of up to £500.00 are available to community groups for small scale celebrations. Applications to be in by the 31st January. Cambs. County Council also has grants available.

The service form the Cathedral will be televised and an informal 'Big Lunch' will take place in Jubilee gardens on the 3rd June.

Kings School are holding a County Fair on the 2nd June and this will be amalgamated with the Etheldreda Fair.

9. Retail Occupancy

TC proposed that the details of the Mary Portas report be scrutinised more closely. It was agreed to add this as an agenda item and to ask Andrew Olley from Ely Traders' Association of he would join the group for that discussion. SFS agreed to invite him.

The future of Peacocks(clothing) and Bonne Marche is of concern as they occupy prime trading positions in the arcade. The trading position appears at present to be reasonably good. Lidl and Aldi have resubmitted plans and Tesco is considering the move from the present site. Sainsbury is opening in the early spring.

10. Any other business

•   ADeC’s Live events are well supported with excellent ticket sales. The recent children’s painting competition has been most successful.
•   The level crossing will be closed from the 23rd to the 26th February
•   Request that the rubbish be cleared from the embankment
•   This year’s Christmas lights had been superb
•   To widen the tourist appeal of the city it was suggested that the King’s School could be approached to offer greater access to its historic buildings.
•   ECDC are planning an East Cambridgeshire festival for the summer of 2013. As a start to the funding there will be an opera in the Hayward Theatre on the 14th July 2012.

Date of the next meeting

6.30pm Tuesday 21st February 2012 at St Peter’s Church, Broad Street, Ely