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Minutes of Design & Marketing Meeting

Tuesday 15th July 2014

Pre-meeting notes
1. The chairman advised that because of the reduced numbers present he would not adhere to the agenda previously circulated.
2. It was agreed that in future, minutes would have an action column.
3. Kevin Evans will record the minutes

Present: Frank Readhead (chair), Ted Coney, Sheila Friend-Smith, Liz Sayers, Patricia Simmonds, Ray Tinker, Kevin Evans, and for the latter part of the meeting Shirley Overall and Terry Overall.

1. Apologies

Veronica Poultney, Mike Rouse, Helen Moore, Bridget Hickish, Julie Elsey, Caroline Cawley, Daniel Block and Simon Pittock.

2. Minutes of the 17th June meeting

Were approved.

3. Matters arising

3.1 ElyAce is eagerly awaited and needs to go live now.
Action: SP/DB

3.2 Terry will again contact the railways to find out what is proposed for the furniture we provided.
Action: TO

3.3 For information on Pocket Park CCTV, the broken wall adjacent to the Babylon Gallery and eroded riverbank.

3.4 Ray suggested a different style of bug hotel and Frank has a book about them.

4. Steeple Row

4.1 Frank met Nigel Clarke and Jane Kennedy to discus the project. The screening to the adjacent buildings, which was omitted, may be reconsidered, as may the proposed use of heavy granite seating. The Dean and Chapter wish to work with the Perspective to submit a bid for a lottery grant. Frank will write to remind them of the timescales necessary to utilise the funds (approx £20,000) provided by ECDC and the constraints of our planning approval.
Action: FR

4.2 Frank will contact John Yates to check if he spoke to the traders to encourage their use of the bin store.
Action: FR

5. Commemorative Plaques and ECDC Leaflet

5.1 Shirley will circulate a list for future plaques and of items of interest for the leaflet for all to comment.
Action: SO

5.2 Plaques are proposed for: TIC, Old Fire Engine House, Bishops Palace, Sessions House, Jack Cardiff and Ken Wallis. Plaques cost £230 to £270 including VAT and most will be funded by the property owners.
5.3 Ted will check if a plaque has been placed at the railway station.
Action: TC

5.4 Frank will ask John Simmons to countersign a cheque for £107.63 to pay for fixing plaques.
Action: FR

6. Riverside Matters

The benefit of railings rather than a wall near to the Babylon Gallery was discussed. Members can make their views known by visiting the present exhibition in the entrance to the ECDC Offices.
Action: ALL

7. New projects

Frank circulated a list of possible projects – see appendix B
Item 4 - is being addressed and should be omitted from the list.
Item 8 – Frank has obtained names of bunting suppliers. He will contact them.
Action: FR
Item 17 - was not favoured by those present.
Item 19 – Ted will again contact Mike Rouse for an update
Action: TC
Item 20 - would conflict with the Ely Football Club activities and would not be practical in the restricted area available.
Item 26 – Ely Loyalty Card
Frank will circulate a revised list and all members should vote for their chosen items.
Action: FR, ALL

8. Any other business

8.1 Members should make themselves aware of the transport strategy for East Cambs
8.2 It was noted that the new magazine Elyi was an asset.
8.3 It is rumoured that the increased rail traffic through Ely may not occur. This could reduce the justification for a bypass.
8.4 ECDC (not the Dean & Chapter) is responsible for cleaning the paving at the Sacristy’s Gate.
8.5 Notwithstanding a letter to the Dean & Chapter, the parking problem adjacent to The Lady Chapel persists.

Date of the next meeting

6.30pm Tuesday 16th September 2014 at St Peter's House, Broad Street, Ely.

Appendix B


1 display old photographs of homes in front windows
2 extend riverside footpath under the A142 bridge
3 new display board in Jubilee Gardens
4 new lighting for riverside pathway
5 Ely arboretum trail
6 new historic plaques
7 Ely Superserver scheme
8 Street bunting
9 Clean Sweeep City
10 Bug hotels
11 Oliver Cromwell statue on St. Mary’s Green
12 Statues everywhere - Monks on Cherry Hill path / seat
13 1st Sunday – events in a pedestrianised High Street monthly
14 plastic duck race on river
15 15mph speed limit in High Street – always
16 cycle priority streets – central gaps in bumps
17 petanque pitch in Jubilee Gardens
18 name and shame bad parkers – photographs on Facebook
19 corner with Broad Street at foot of Forehill
20 Sunday car boot sales on Market Place
21 Small businesses’ card stands – TCI, bus and rail stations, ECDC
22 Better street and direction signage – legible & contemporary
23 Historic street scene illustrations
24 Remove all old street furniture, signs, etc.
25 Dated discount vouchers
26 ?