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Minutes of Design & Marketing Meeting

Tuesday 16th September 2014

Present: Frank Readhead (chair), Daniel Block, Ted Coney, Kevin Evans, Sheila Friend-Smith, Terry Overall, Simon Pittock, Veronica Poultney, Liz Sayers, Ray Tinker.

1. Apologies

Caroline Cawley, Julie Elsey, Bridget Hickish, Suzanne Lindsay, Shirley Overall, Patricia Simmonds.

DB volunteered to take minutes.

2. Minutes of the 15th July meeting

These were agreed.

3. Matters arising

Railway station
TO will attempt to make contact again re: station development.
Action: TO

Steeple Row
FR has met Jane Kennedy & contacted John Yates about the bin store usage no progress made despite JY's efforts.

Commemorative Plaques
TO to give update under item 8 on agenda. TO confirmed railway station plaque has been installed. A cheque has been paid for plaque installations.

Future Projects
Item 4: New lighting for riverside removed from list as it's being handled elsewhere.
Item 8: More names are to be contacted about bunting
Item 17: Petanque pitch removed from list as unpopular
Item 19: Mike Rouse contacted about corner of Fore Hill, no reply yet
Item 20: Item removed from list as unpopular and problematic

4. ElyAce

SP reported that Apple have once again caused problems and delays to the app because of new operating system and accompanying style and technical requirements. The group agreed the Android and Apple apps should be released simultaneously, and so while work continues on the app, DB will push forwards to get the website ready for separate release at least to ensure that the businesses are using the system ready for when the app can be released. DB and SP expressed their frustration at the continuing delays but assured the group that the project is still progressing. TC asked about whether the Raspberry Pi computer still plays a part in the project. SP reported that it is no longer necessary thanks to an imminent citywide wi-fi network.
Action: DB, SP

5. City Centre Forum

DB and SP reported on progress of ElyAce, which is imminent, with the website to be populated with up-to-date business data presently and for businesses soon to be given the opportunity to add to the existing information, edit and provide further material (photos, logos). KE asked about the previous idea of providing bluetooth alerts at Ely Railway Station. SP confirmed this was still an intention, but would be installed after the app is live and any problems are ironed out. ElyAce users may photograph any problems (broken lamppost, litter etc...) and submit through the app.
Action: SP

6. Finances

Nothing further to report except confirmation that recent invoices have been settled.

7. Steeple Row - financing and pricing

FR met with Jane Kennedy to discuss some matters of financing and planning, but will have more details to report next month.
Action: FR

8. Commemorative Plaques

TO shared a list of plaques already completed and proposed future plaques with accompanying historical details, to form the outline of a walking trail. TO requires information about Jack Cardiff and Ken Wallis and any other information about other items on the list. Other items such as notable signs or features around Ely are to be contributed by the group.
Action: All

FR suggested he and TO should liaise regarding a tree trail too, to avoid duplication.
Action: FR, TO

9. Christmas Lights Switch On Event

SP reported the current situation now that Perspective are no longer financially linked to the event. Ideas to locate attractions at the Museum end of Market Street are welcomed, but these will now be for 2015 instead of this year. It was reported that stalls will this year be away from the Market Place. Also, it will not be possible to have lights down Market Street.

10. Wildlife Meadows & Pedestrian Priority

FR had emailed the group about allowing wildlife meadows to flourish in Ely. Allison Conder has provided information to show that this is already being considered. However, it may not be possible in new sites as success depends upon soil quality. There was also some discussion of pedestrian traffic priorities on raised road crossings. FR will research and report back.
Action: FR

11. Future Projects preference results

Contributions to this are still incoming, so FR will collate and report results via email. Mike Rouse had suggested placing artwork or similar at the foot of Fore Hill. TC commented that he had emailed Mike Rouse to ask whether a new tree will be planted there instead. SP to check and clarify situation.
Action: SP

12. City Centre Forum cooperation with Perspective

No further items yet, except for the potential of contributing funding for a new shopping guide. In principle, the group is happy to be involved, but it will depend upon costs, what the funding is used for, and how the guide will be distributed.

13. Ely-i feature

FR proposed writing a feature for the next issue. DB pointed out that Perspective had been featured in the inaugural issue, and so another article would require a specific angle or topic.
Action: FR

14. Any other business

Allison Conder emailed the following Riverside update:
1. Members of Ely Perspective came along to the raising of the Green Flag at Ely Country Park on Friday 12th Sept. This award means that the park has now received official recognition as one of the UK's best green spaces. The vital role that volunteers play from a range of different groups was acknowledged by Councillors, the Mayor of Ely and District Council staff who all work together to develop and look after the park. After the flag raising and a piece of cake, Ely Wildlife Trust led parents and children on a bat and moth walk around the park.

This winter the remaining improvement works will take place in the park to improve access from the Sainsbury's entrance at Creswell's lane will be undertaken, and we are talking to the County Council about improvements to enable wheelchair access from Lisle Lane onto Springhead Lane.

2. The District Council has tendered for works to improve the footpath across Lavender Green. The path is going to be widened and resurfaced to enable pedestrians with pushchairs etc to pass without walking on the mud, and the kerb dropped at the Willow Walk end to enable easier access into Ely Country Park. We have waited for the autumn and end of the boating season before going ahead with the work, and a date in October is being confirmed with the contractor. Signs will be put up in advance to warn people that the footpath will need to be closed from Babylon Bridge to Willow Walk until the works are completed.

Green Flag
SF-S reported that Jubilee Gardens had achieved their 10th Green Flag award and this should be celebrated, as well as crediting all the volunteers for their hard work. DB wondered whether SF-S could write an article about this for the next Ely-i issue.

Palace Green commemorative tree
SF-S reported that, sadly, the tree planted to commemorate the 9/11 attacks has been vandalised and will need to be completely replaced.

Station leaflet stand
SP reported that the folding free standing leaflet stand considered as a replacement is no longer available to purchase. The group discussed whether it is the right time to purchase a new one unless a permanent home for it is approved by the station staff. It was agreed that the current one needs to be replaced with a stronger equivalent, and options will be explored by SP.
Action: SP

Dry dock
TC commented on the floating 'dry dock' boat which has appeared opposite The Maltings. SP will find out more.
Action: SP

TC asked about whether there is any progress on replacing the ugly temporary lamp-post on Market Place. No further news yet.

Meeting start
KE asked whether meetings should begin later in the evening. The group will vote on this next month.

Steam Dreams
RT reported that the annual visit to Ely of Steam Dreams will take place on 16th October.

Switch-On Event stall
SP asked the group if we want to have a stall at the Christmas Light Switch On Event. Volunteers to run it would be needed, but it was generally felt that this will not be possible this year.

Date of the next meeting

6.30pm Tuesday 21st October 2014 at St Peter's House, Broad Street, Ely.