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Minutes of Riverside Meeting

Thursday 13th January 2011

Present: Will Burton, Ted Coney, Philip Eden, Margaret Haw (Minutes), Pat and Peter Hillman, Mark Mehaffey (ECDC), Angela Moody, Helen Moore, Shirley and Terry Overall, Jackie Petts, Liz Wainwright, Peter Webb, John Yates (Chair)

1. Apologies

Mike Rouse, Ian Burton-Palmer, Lewis Bage, Mervyn Day and Jonathon Wainwright.

2. Minutes

14 October 2010 meeting Minutes signed as correct by the Chair

3. Matters Arising

All matters arising were on the agenda

4. Future organisation of Riverside

Chair outlined a proposal, being discussed between ECDC and the City Council and agreed in principle, to form a Partnership Trust with relevant local businesses and owners in order to progress initiatives pertaining to the riverside 'area' and to ensure funding and maintenance in the longer term. Negotiations are in the embryo stage and the 'area' concerned (length by depth) has not been defined. Members put forward and discussed various ideas but it was felt to be more efficient to forward these and any additional suggestions to Margaret who will collate them and produce a comprehensive 'Riverside Group' document for the Chair to take forward to the ongoing discussions.

5. Ely Master Plan and Country Park

Mike Rouse sent a report on the Country Park saying that the path is being extended to come round and back alongside the wildflower meadow/orchard. The section between the Fishermen's car park and the new path is also being done.

Members were urged to complete the Station Survey previously circulated by e-mail since the views expressed will inform detail for the Station Gateway part of the Master Plan. It could also help to progress improvements to the Tesco pathway, which have been pending for a long time. (Any issues on the station itself can be passed to Shirley or Terry as they are station 'adopters')

6. Jubilee Gardens (LW)

The play area is to be extended and provided with equipment for less able children, including some sensory play things, using external funding. The work is scheduled to be completed by Easter.

There is an illegal A-Board at the Broad Street end.

Water has been turned off due to a leak at the Stone feature and the Merchant’s Way sign is still awry. Shirley offered to investigate.

The Friends have donated £500 towards replanting and volunteer Working Parties will be arranged to tidy up the gardens. Even though membership is a healthy 170 currently, there is a mailing to encourage new members.

There will be a Cream Tea and Talk by John Drake entitled "Historic Gardens of Cambridge" at the Methodist Hall on Wednesday 16 February at 2.30pm.

The Friends' AGM will be held on 23 March at 7.30 in St. Peter’s Rooms.

7. The Maltings

Currently ECDC are in negotiations with Compass. Information will be presented at the next Ely Neighbourhood Panel on Thursday 27 January, 7-9pm in The Council Chamber at ECDC.

8. The Cottage (JY)

Work has been commissioned on the feasibility of ECDC proposals which the City Council objected to. The above negotiations will have an impact on progress.

9. ADEC (LW)

Since the re-opening of the gallery (nearly 2 years ago) 38,000 people have used the facilities and 18,000 individuals went to the Cinema since March 2009.

Five windows were broken on two consecutive Sunday’s recently and the police have now included the area in their patrols on Sunday evenings. It’s believed a planter was also stolen or thrown into the river.

A list of future events is attached. Also see website for up-to-date event, cinema and gallery information

10. Slipway (JY)

It is expected to be able to bid for funding under the proposed Partnership Trust regulations (Item 4.). Bids are vetted by Cambs Acre and put forward twice a year. There is a deadline within 18 months which must be met to retain any grant. No name is against the slipway but ECDC will legally claim it and will be liable after the necessary legal procedures have been completed.

11. Ely in Bloom (SO)

Contrary to local newspaper reports it was emphasised that Ely will be planting and maintaining flower arrangements as usual although it has been agreed not to enter the Ely in Bloom competition in 2011. It was felt that such a trial period would enable a much more flexible approach and could even enhance the effect as it will be possible to have local competitions throughout the spring and summer and including the Royal Wedding Day, without the pressure of the judging process.

There will be work next Sunday at the Station from 10am. It is hoped that the bulbs provided by The Rotary Club will bloom in February during Rotary Week.

Shirley and Terry were thanked for all their hard work concerning Ely in Bloom.

The Award in 2010 was Silver Gilt, not Silver as stated in the October minutes.

12. Reports

•   (TO) Terry expressed the hope that the new railway loops will alleviate problems concerning the storage of mineral trains.
•   (HM) Someone from Ely Society had requested information on walks. Does this suggest that leaflets are not accessible?
•   (PE) A new Eel Trail leaflet is now on sale for 50p. A few samples were provided.

Natural Environment
•   (HM) Roswell Pits were frozen during the recent bad weather. In November a school group did preparation for a geography assessment there and most of them did not agree with the sailing plans for the area.
•   (AM) The concrete platform has been removed although a pile of rubble remains
•   (JY) Plans have been submitted for the land at the top of the hill to become 'Common land'.

•   (PW) Cam Conservators have increased mooring fees which may mean some will move to Ely where it’s free for first 48hours, although there are no designated residential moorings.
•   (MM) There has recently been some changes to Marina mooring regulations whereby boats now must have licence and insurance.
•   (JY)Lewis was thanked for providing the data on current ECDC mooring usage.

See attached Adec list.

Other events:
21 January 2011 – Ely Group Wildlife Trust – Bill Morris – Vernon Cross Room, 7.45pm
27 January 2011 – Ely Neighbourhood Panel, ECDC Council Chamber, 7pm
16 February 2011 - Cream Tea and Talk by John Drake, Methodist Hall, 2.30pm.
23 March 2011- Friends of Jubilee Gardens AGM, St. Peter’s Rooms,7.30pm

Ely Festival Weekend: events t.b.c.
•   29 April 2011 – Community Event for Royal Wedding Day
•   30 April 2011 – Ely Eel Day – Jubilee Gardens, etc.
•   1 May 2011 – City Council events
•   2 May 2011 – May Day events in Jubilee Gardens/Park

13. Date of next meetings

Tuesday 8 February 2011 at 7.00 pm - venue t.b.c.
Thursday 10 March – Ely Perspective Open Evening t.b.c.
Tuesday 12 April 2011 at 7pm – venue t.b.c.

14. Any other business

•   (SO) Ely Cathedral flower bed has been flattened.
•   (TO) Larkfield plant charity has been awarded first place in a national Charity competition.
•   (MM) A Memo of Understanding regarding litter and dog fouling has been agreed with the police.

MM has been appointed co-ordinator of volunteers for care of the river and litter picking under auspices of Keep Britain Tidy. His job at ECDC as Clean Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer is also secure.