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Minutes of Riverside Meeting

Thursday 12th January 2012

Present: Andy Bryne (Maltings), Margaret Haw (Minutes), Ted Coney, Pat Hillman, Peter Hillman, Mark Mehaffey (ECDC), Helen Moore, Terry Overall, Pat Simmonds, Liz Wainwright (Chair), John Yates and Peter Webb (IWA).

1. Apologies

Mike Rouse, Malcolm Green, Shirley Overall, Caroline Cawley and Angela Moody.

2. Minutes

Minutes of the meeting held on 17 November were approved and it was noted that it had been very worthwhile having the visitors from ECDC and other local residents.

3. Matters arising

Members were asked to forward Margaret their comments on a review of the standard agenda in order to reduce it, such as merging, changing or deleting items.

4. Ely Master Plan and Country Park

Mike Rouse had sent the following information by email as he is presently unable to attend on Thursdays: 'The budget has now been agreed for the Country Park work. This will include signage, seats, repairs to the slide mound, etc. Allison Condor is working hard to get it all sorted out. As members realise much of the work is remedial. She and I are also looking at a system to install a mountain bike circuit in amongst the tree belt on the Springhead Lane side. She is hoping to arrange a visit for me to see the system in operation. I feel now that we are beginning to get the CP under some sort of management. The problems have been caused by the project being passed from one officer to another as they have left the authority.'

5. Reports

Access (including 'Slipway')
We will look at drawings for the slipway barrier design next month. Although we have purchased 14 signs, only six have been installed at present but this will be reviewed. It is intended to pursue other publicity such as leaflets, photos, etc.

Natural Environment
20 People from Ely Wildlife walked to Roswell Pits. Footpaths are all fine and, thanks to volunteers from LCPRE, Springhead Lane is able to be negotiated more comfortably. 100 species of wildlife were spotted.


LCPRE will be holding a litter pick sometime in March/April. Pat will confirm dates with Margaret and also date of the 'Spring Bird Race' event.

There will be a talk on January 20 by Brian Eversham, Director of Ely Wildlife Trust, on 'climate change and local wildlife' in Vernon Cross Room, 7.45pm.

Adec Events are on separate report from Caroline Cawley (previously distributed).

The next 'Neighbourhood Panel' will be on Wednesday 25 January at 7pm in the ECDC offices.

For more information, see separate 'Events' sheet (previously distributed).

Peter reported that the Cam Conservators are to charge 10% on top of the E.A Licence to go down the Cam.

It was agreed that this Group should be taking more action to support the enforcement of mooring requirements. In the first instance a letter will be sent to ECDC asking for clarification of the procedures.

Mark will take this forward by looking to improve 'evidence'.

Black Boaters' bins have been ordered. To begin with one will be at Pegasus Walk and one at the other end.

6. Future Organisation of Riverside

This is in abeyance at present.

7. Slipway

See under item 5. Reports: Access

8. Jubilee Gardens

It has been quiet since the last working party. The next 'event' will be a fund-raising 'Cream Tea' in February. Jubilee Gardens are ten years old this year and 'The Friends' will be concentrating on this major celebration. They will be consulting on funding and encouraging the recruitment of more young people. They are now on, following RHS Woodleigh/Botanical Gardens. They will be applying for the 8th Green Flag Award by the end of the month.

9. The Maltings

1500 Christmas Party covers were sold, with 400 already booked for this year. There were no anti-social problems over Christmas. 250 people attended on New Year’s Eve, aged 18 – 86! The 'Snowman' was very successful and may become an annual event. There is to be a Pantomime next week – 'Peter Pan' on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tickets from Burrows. See local paper for further information.

It is intended to re-open the restaurant two weeks before Easter, possibly until the October half-term, and re-opening for snacks around Christmas-time.

More lead has been stolen from the roof.

10. The Maltings Cottage

ECDC are still looking at the City Council's proposal.

11. ADEC

See report from Caroline Cawley (previously distributed)

12. Ely in Bloom

Winter planting has been relatively successful. Some of the 'tiered' planters will have to be replaced. Summer cuttings are growing well. The next meeting is on 6 March in the City Council Chamber at 7.15. Planting-up dates will be confirmed.

13. Date of Next Meeting

Thursday, 23 February 2012, 7pm at the Maltings.

14. Any Other Business

(i) Solar pathway lights are soon to be installed in Cherry Hill Park. Following a trial period, CC will look into a similar project for the riverside.

(ii) Of the Group’s original budget of £1000, £600 has so far been spent on signs.

(iii) In conjunction with the new Sainsbury's store, traffic lights are to be installed at the junction of Lisle lane/Waterside and there will be a 'zebra' crossing from Lisle lane across Broad Street.

(iv) Terry reported that Thursday was not a good day for him and Shirley to attend due to other commitments. However, it was agreed to continue on the fourth Thursday but review it in the Spring.

(v) Someone has been camping in Jubilee Gardens. It has been reported to the Police.