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Minutes of Riverside Meeting

Thursday 22nd March 2012

Present: Ian Burton-Palmer (Acting Chair), Ted Coney, Malcolm Green, Margaret Haw (Minutes), Pat Hillman, Peter Hillman, Angela Moody and Terry Overall.

1. Apologies

Margaret Bowles, Andy Byrne (Maltings), Mike Rouse, Caroline Cawley, Mark Mehaffey, Helen Moore, Patricia Simmonds, Liz Wainwright and Peter Webb.

2. Minutes

Minutes of the meeting held on 23 February 2012 were approved and signed after amending 8. Jubilee Gardens, third sentence to read 'A member of the Royal family has been invited' – (not necessarily the Duke of Edinburgh).

3. Matters arising

(i) Mark Mehaffey (ECDC) had sent an email to say he would no longer be attending the riverside group meetings although we should carry on sending the minutes to him as well as to Alison Conder and Liz Knox. However, the Chair and other members present were concerned (a) that there were outstanding matters to be finalised and (b) that Mark’s role on the riverside might be in jeopardy, thus losing a very valuable resource. The Acting Chair/Chair would therefore contact Mark to seek further information.

(ii) Some support was expressed for the proposed Town Centre Committee, although little was known, but it was thought it would have meaningful input from both ECDC Councillors and City Councillors, backed up by some confidence.

4. Ely Master Plan and Country Park

The slide appears to have been re-opened although it is not clear what work has been carried out to enable this. A query also arose regarding approval to remove the parking bays opposite Sainsbury's. Ian or Liz would seek an update from Alison Conder.

5. Reports

The path under the railway bridge has a dangerous pot-hole 4-5ft across which has only been temporarily attended to.

Natural Environment
(See 4. Country Park)


21 April Ely in Bloom Market Stall – 08.30 to 4pm
5 May - Ely Eel Day

Jubilee weekend:
2 June - King’s School Agricultural Festival (instead of Etheldreda Fayre)
3 June - Big Lunch, Jubilee Gardens (in conjunction with Adec)
4 June - City Council planning ongoing for event in the park from 4pm

13/14/15 July Ely Folk Festival
14 July - East Cambs Arts Festival Society – Cosi Fan Tutte (Swansea City Opera)
19-30 June 2013 ECDC Arts Festival

It is understood the large cruiser will not return. However, Liberty Belle will.

6. Future Organisation of Riverside

No report

7. Slipway

Ian or Liz would follow up with Mark about the designs for the barrier.

8. Jubilee Gardens

Patricia left the following report:

"Our cup cakes and Easter Treats event two weeks ago was very successful, just over £200 was raised for the funds and very positive feedback confirms that it was enjoyed by all. We are indebted to Andy, Manager of The Maltings, who donated the cakes and tea. He also organised the seating and workstation for us.

Yesterday we had the first of our Spring Working Parties – blessed with a beautiful, warm day; there was a good turn-out of volunteers who set to weeding, pruning, digging and generally tidying. We adjourned to the Maltings at 12 noon where Andy had delicious hot soup and crusty bread waiting for us – again a generous gesture on his part.

On Tuesday 27th March at 7pm the Friends of JG hold their AGM at St Peter's Hall. The business part of the evening does not take long so we look forward to welcoming John Newnham, recent Chairman of the Blue Badge Guides in Cambridge, who will be speaking on the subject of Guiding in Cambridge – should be entertaining – come along if you can, it's free!"

9. Ely in Bloom

Preparing for summer planting. Will publish dates when known. An English hornbeam has been planted to commemorate the Queen's Jubilee.

10. The Maltings

No report. However, a member asked for the date of publication of the Maltings Review by ECDC.

11. The Maltings Cottage

Great concern was expressed at a letter received today from ECDC that matters seemed to be going ahead without the promised meeting to continue the dialogue, on the assumption that The Cottage is for the people of Ely. Chair will be responding as a matter of urgency.

12. ADEC

Currently there is an exhibition of Glass by Chris Wood until April. 300 visitors so far. The Babylon is now fully licensed to hire music, theatre and small parties. Two April films have been sold out in advance – The Iron Lady and War Horse, with Woman in Black proving popular later in the month. Planning approval has been granted for the satellite dish and awaiting to hear from Tracey re security at The Maltings. The expensive digital kit had to be replaced after a few problems with filming. 'Your Space' artwork project is continuing with young people.

13. Date of Next Meeting

Thursday, 19 April 2012, 7pm at the Maltings.

14. Any Other Business

(i) At the next meeting, Helen Stratford, local artist and architect, will attend in connection with her forthcoming exhibition at the Babylon Gallery 'Day with a Duck' in which she intends to take the path of an Ely duck as a light-hearted starting point to investigate how residents, tourists and workers use the City and how their actions maintain its distinctive character. She would like to meet us, as a key city group, to get views from a wide range of people who live and work in Ely.

(ii) Funding is yet to be forthcoming for the bandstand electric box.