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Minutes of Executive Meeting

Monday 27th February 2012

Present: Ian Burton-Palmer (Chair), Sheila Friend-Smith, John Yates, John Simmons, Philip Eden, Liz Wainwright.

1. Welcome & Apologies

The chairman welcomed all to the meeting. Apologies from Will Burton and Liz Sayers.

2. Steeple Row Project

Sheila Friend-Smith was able to give us an update on the re-design of the path leading to and the doors of the bin store. Mr Mole is going to do an updated design for the bin store. There will be a further cost of 500 plus VAT for the above works.

The sequence of events should follow archaeoloigical dig first and once the dig is complete then a terrace will be configured outside the cathedral. Dig cost are as yet unknown.

3. Ely App & Website Management

IB-P proposed changes to alter the management of the website. Simon and Dan from the Design Group, who run websites as part of their business are prepared to run the Perspective website incoordination with the Ely App and the links which are associated with it. It was agreed that a contract should be drawn up and would be updated subject to annual review with Simon and Dan. The cost for running the website would be slightly increased but it was pointed out that the service we would get from Simon and Dan would be a vast improvement on the outdated website currently presented. It was also proposed that a monthly newsletter be produced from information provided by each group. Action IB-P

4. Finances and Accounts

Philip Eden has managed to make some changes to the Account and we no longer have to pay interest. The finances for Perspective look good at the moment. It was noted though that the current state of the Account was not accurate and that Philip Eden would be able to provide further information and a current balance. Action: Philip Eden.

a) Current balance

b) Constitution change of names

c) Christmas lights budget

5. Future Role of Perspective

Topics will include:

  Health check, and
  Action for Market Towns

Perspective Executive Group will decide who to invite at the next meeting in April.

6. Action Plan 2012

No action to be taken on this at the moment. Action plans will be updated alongside the instigation of the new website which takes place later this year.

7. Update from Design & Riverside groups

Design Group
Sheila Friend Smith reported that there will be an extra cost of 500 plus VAT on the design works due (as covered in Item 2).

Riverside Group
The Riverside has been quiet during the winter months. Action against Liverboard Boats in Cambridge may affect Ely because boats are being moved on.

Signs for duck feeding station are about to go up. Six signs at first, encouraging people to feed the ducks on the water.

No further reports from the Maltings or the Maltings Cottage at the moment.

Potential upgrade for the path under High Bridge: It is thought that 106 money may be available. Uncertain at this point whether it could be assisted by City Council or ECDC. ECDC may be able to provide a ballpark figure.

8. Bags for Life, Storage and Selling

IB-P has resolved the situation with storage. With the help of Tracey Harding and the use of a hire van, IB-P loaded and transported the bags from Melrose Press to the Tourist Information Office (Oliver Cromwell's House). It was proposed that the bags will be sold in two or three ways:

a) On a stall in the summer

b) Distribution of bags to local shop (admin to be undertaken by Tracey Harding)

Action: Philip Eden
Forward notes to IB-P

9. Any Other Business

IB-P reported a letter which he had received from a member of the public in 'The Vineyards' regarding parking. This lead to a general discussion about traffic and parking in Ely The Riverside Group and the Design Group were asked to give feedback regarding traffic around the city, in particular Broad Street, Prickwillow Road and the town centre in general.

Jane Thompson via East Cambs website. Survey available(?)

10. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 24th April at 7pm at St Peter's Hall, Broad Street, Ely.