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Minutes of Design & Marketing Meeting

Tuesday 16th November 2010

Present: Sheila Friend-Smith (chairman), Daniel Block, Will Burton, Nigel Clarke, Ted Coney, Philip Eden, Peter Hillman, Heber Martin, Angela Moody, Liz Sayers, Ray Tinker

1. Apologies

There were apologies from John Baker, Suzanne Lindsay, Sheila Overall, Terry Overall, Yvonne Thresh

2. Minutes of the 19th October meeting

These were agreed

3. Matters arising

Heber Martin circulated amended copies of notes on the 'Ely Martyrs' plaque which it was agreed should be made available at the Tourist Information Centre.

4. Executive meeting 11 November report

Sheila Friend-Smith reported Liz Sayers had joined the executive.

The executive had agreed the Perspective should hold an:

Open Meeting titled 'Minding the Gaps' on Thursday 10th March 2011 at the Cathedral Centre.

Opportunity to initiate links and improve working relationships with other organisations.

Timed to take place post Cambs County and ECDC budget meetings.

Philip Eden had given notice of his intention to step down as Perspective chairman in the summer because of his increasing involvement with Action for Market Towns. He is vice-chairman and expected to take over chairmanship next year. Sheila Friend-Smith also stated her intention to hand over chairmanship of the Design Group once Steeple Row project gets planning approval.

The executive was in agreement with a suggested from the Design Group that its name should be altered to Design and Marketing Group.

5. Design Group title

It was agreed that Design and Marketing Group would best describe the group's work.

6. Action for Market Towns Conference 12/13 October

In the absence of Sheila and Terry Overall this item will be included on the January agenda. Meanwhile Philip Eden to forward an interview with a retail guru Geoff Burch who was one of the speakers at the AMT conference.

The AMT newsletter can be accessed via the website. There are also a number of case histories e.g. the community that set up its own greengrocers.

Ted Coney mentioned the opportunity to see how other market towns had tackled the problem of redundant buildings e.g. Ely Magistrates Court. He hoped the historic court house might eventually be open as a tourist attraction and could be an extension for Ely Museum which was next door.

7. Steeple Row update

Consultants CBA had been instructed to make the alterations to the planning application as discussed by the Design Group and submit to ECDC for planning approval. Cllr Anthea Davidson, chair of ECDC and member of the council’s strategic development committee, was very supportive of the project and had initiated a meeting with the regional representative of English Heritage and Philip Eden and Sheila Friend-Smith in the hope that English Heritage might consider making funds available for the work once planning approval had been granted.

8. Commemorative plaques

Heber Martin reported Cambridge University Library had a record of the 'Ely Martyrs' trial which had been held in the Lady Chapel.

9. Maltings Cottage

There had been no replies to letters from the Perspective, Ely Society and individual members of both organisations and other members of the public suggesting alternatives to ECDC's plan to turn Maltings Cottage into a bed and breakfast. A Neighbourhood Panel meeting had invited community discussion on the Maltings Cottage plan. ECDC's response - or lack of it - flew in the face of its ECDC's declared intention to involve the community in decision-making. Lobbying will continue.

10. Retail occupancy

1. Bonnett's High Street bakery sold to Cambridgeshire bakers, Barkers and re-opened after a refit.

2. Domino's Pizza, formerly St Mary's St fish and chip shop, opened 15th November with on-street sandwich boards, special offers and mail drops to city homes.

3. Tindall's Market Square shop reporting raised awareness thanks to wall sign.

4. Wine shop to open in vacant High Street shops between The Lamb and Burrows.

5. Spar in High Street under new ownership - no longer taking PayPoint but improved range of stock.

6. New owner of fruit and veg. shop of Fore Hill

7. New pizza shop on Fore Hill gained planning approval, despite opposition: understood to be delivery only.

8. Morlands antiques closing shop to concentrate on internet business.

9. Pastie shop opened in St Mary's Street.

10. Former Ocean Cargo shop in Cloisters short-term 'Christmas goods' shop.

11. Prime sites Borlands and Curry's still vacant.

12. Old Bishop's Palace sale, negotiations understood to be continuing. Hope that purchaser would be willing to give occasional public access to this historic building.

11. Any other business

1.Notices had been erected in Pocket Park to deter dog fouling; rubbish bins in place

2. Muddy area in Kiln Lane needs levelling

3.Sign Prickwillow Lane should be Prickwillow Road

4.New development off Walsingham Way: City Council's preferred name Goldsmiths Court or Goldsmiths Close

5.Ted Coney mentioned the opportunity to see how other market towns had tackled the problem of redundant buildings e.g. Ely Magistrates Court. He hoped the historic court house might eventually be open as a tourist attraction and could be an extension for Ely Museum which was next door. Cells and court room and exterior Grade 1 Listed.

6. Bollards in front of Cathedral Centre: improved vista in front of west end of cathedral; reduced annoyance of parked cars for residents fronting Palace Green; bollards simple for residents to use; grass growing back.

7. Daniel Block who has his own web design business, agreed to consider giving an opinion on how the Perspective website could be improved.

8.Ray Tinker questioned whether Tourist Office was taking advantage of the visits to Ely by steam locomotives. Philip Eden agreed to ask Tracey Harding if the TiC was involved and if not, whether the Perspective might set up a team of volunteers to meet and greet visitors at the station.

9.Christmas dinner: Tuesday 14 December at Ely Golf Club. Suzanne Lindsay has agreed to collate the choices and asks that these are made and returned to her by 7 December at the latest. Do invite anyone you know who might be interested in finding out more about the Perspective - the greater the number of guests the less chance there will be of sharing the room!

13. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 18th January 2011

Agenda items to include Action Plan for next year - ideas already suggested: Enhancing entrances to Ely; Signage